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Since I came on to this scene, I have always offered FREE shipping! It seems like more and more shops are following suit, and now offering free shipping. Not sure if I had anything to do with that, but maybe. Some online shops still charge, and not only charge, but inflate the shipping charges. So, they are also making money on the shipping. I do not believe in overcharging for anything. I also offer upgrading to Priority shipping for only 3.50. I highly recommend the upgrade, just for the fact that, one, you will get it faster, and two, Priority is less prone to get stuck somewhere. Priority Shipping costs roughly 5.50. Seeing that I am paying for your shipping already, I am just asking for the difference from sending trackable First Class to priority.

When shopping online, you really need to look at your total cost. Somebody can be selling a product a little cheaper, but when you go to check out, and they tack on fees or shipping charges, It could end up being the same or more! Please refer to my my warranty section, that covers more on that subject.

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